About our Platinum Service


Looking to update or purchase your light & plumbing fixtures for your custom home or renovation? Or perhaps you’re looking to find all things beautiful, elegant and unique for your home!

The Exclusive Platinum Service was created for clients who want access to Houston’s exclusive trade only showrooms. Please note that they are usually open from 9am-5pm.

With a well thought-out plan (which we will help you achieve previous to the visit), Deborah will meet with you for a day or two to give you full exposure to countless choices of finishes, lighting, furniture, fabrics, accessories, art & more! We will select all that is needed for the completion of your project and take it to the next phase.

With selections in hand a signed off approval of the goods, we will then proceed with the procurement stage which can typically take anywhere between 4-10 weeks for the arrival of the goods (depending on the availability, where and how the items are being shipped from).

Upon arrival and inspection, an installation and our State-Making Styling Day will then be coordinated for that very much awaited Ah-ha moment! It will remind you the reason why you hired a professional designer in the first place :)

So - if you’re ready to get started, fill out the Lifestyle Questionnaire and contact us to schedule your appointment.